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Use Videos On Twitter To Ramp Up Your Engagement

Updated: Jun 4, 2022

Videos are now huge on Twitter. Now that you have just read this statement, I bet you are thinking, “come to mention it, I am watching a load more videos on Twitter these days” Well that is because there has recently been a whopping 62% increase in daily video views year-over-year. So, with just the help of (mostly) your trusty smartphone, here is how to use videos to ramp up engagement and increase your presence on the Twittersphere.

Live video

Why not make an announcement, share a peek behind the scenes or do a Q&A all via live video. Tweeters will love the chance to interact in real-time.


If you do decide to do a Q&A, live or prerecorded, you can either conduct a session with some of your employees perhaps or engage directly with your audience by answering an FAQ. Another option could be interviewing someone in your field that you know your audience will want to hear from.


Why not share some knowledge as chances are no one knows your products better than you do. From setup instructions to pro-tips, this format can provide valuable information to new and prospective customers.

Gift guide

Do you have products that could be used as gifts? If so, then you should absolutely make a video that highlights your products for an upcoming season, event, or holiday. Make your products the star of the show by adding simple text or motion to a video or picture.

Feature a valued customer

Create a video of one of your top customers by sharing their story, tips, or review of your product.

Before and after

This is a great way to showcase aspects of your product in a short, Tweet-friendly length of time. Use it to showcase effectiveness and competitive advantage. There is something incredibly satisfying about before and after videos, and the benefit isn't just for the viewer.

User-generated content (UGC)

By showing videos containing user-generated content (with permission, of course) to show the human side of your brand, your followers will gain trust in you and are more likely to engage with you going forward. Remember, the best content about your business may not actually come from your business — oftentimes, it can come from customers.

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