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Supersize Your Brands YouTube Channel With These Inspiring Video Ideas

Home to hundreds of millions of videos, the latest emerging trends, diehard communities, and ample revenue opportunities, YouTube’s impact simply can’t be overstated. That is exactly why we have created a list of inspiring, educational, and entertaining YouTube video ideas to supercharge your brand’s channel.

1. Showcase your company

Kickstart your YouTube channel with a “meet the team” video. This will help showcase your company’s culture, values, and, of course, team members. By inviting your team to step in front of the camera, you will win over your audience with authenticity.

2. Day-in-the-life

Everybody loves a peak behind the curtain, so why not give your followers a glimpse into the daily lives of your team? YouTube audiences can’t get enough of the day-in-the-life video format. Make sure your video strikes the right balance between aspirational and realistic.

3. Product tutorial

Consumers want to see your products in action. In your videos, create easy-to-follow tutorials that demonstrate the efficacy of your products. For maximum transparency, you can even highlight real customers also using your products.

4. Educational video

What’s something your customers wish they knew more about? Once you have brainstormed this question, simply use your answer to create a unique educational video idea. Be sure to keep the topic relevant to your industry and brand as much as possible.

5. Creator partnership video

Tap into double your audience with this video idea. It really pays to collaborate with celebrities and creators. Just make sure whoever you choose is authentic, relevant, and has experience with your product.

6. Live

When you go live, you can interact with your audience in real-time via video and chat, so, make sure to tap into YouTube Live to produce interactive experiences on your channel.

7. Webinar presentation

Think TED Talks, and use the same template to host an event of your own. Find an industry leader your audience would like to learn from and invite them to speak on your channel.

8. Video podcast series

Unlike standard interviews, video podcast series is less formal and more conversational, so get involved by promoting your podcast on YouTube by sharing videos of your recording sessions.

9. Q&As

Another really popular video on the platform are Q&A sessions that are quick, fun, and entertaining. Perfect to try on YouTube Shorts. Remember it’s okay to be more light-hearted than usual as long as this is the right tone for your brand.

10. Product reviews and unboxings

We have saved the simplest, and perhaps best until last. Unboxing videos are one of the internet’s most enduring trends. Simply open, or “unbox,” a package containing products received from a brand, and then share your thoughts! Just watch the views rocket!

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Mar 03

I agree with you, instructional videos are gaining really a lot of views on youtube. It is important to present the video nicely and for that you will need to work on the editing. If you don't know anything about it, then watch some tutorial videos on youtube or visit some tutorial articles like this one.

You'll see for yourself how your videos will become much more attractive and more people will watch them!

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