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Quick & Easy Ways To Boost Your YouTube Engagement

Updated: Jun 4, 2022

Looking for some really easy ways that you can increase engagement on YouTube? Then you are reading the right article. Let us help you Boost your YouTube engagement numbers and improve your social media marketing strategy.

Let’s begin with strategy number 1.

1. Simple and beautiful thumbnails.

Did you know that you can increase your engagement by 154% using good thumbnails? Since our eyes are naturally drawn to pictures, you’ll most likely fail to attract more clicks on your great videos with boring thumbnails. So you really want to use a custom thumbnail, adding your branding or some custom explainer video text to your image. This can really make it stand out from your competitor and compel your target audience to click.

Remember, the images need to be high-resolution (1280 x 720 pixels) and the text should be readable on all screen sizes.

2. Add annotations

To be successful on YouTube, sometimes you just need to be direct. Want the user to like your video and subscribe to your YouTube channel? Then just ask!

This one is really important as unless you’re up front in your communication, you might end up simply getting more views on your videos without seeing any profitable customer action and increasing your YouTube engagement.

Remember, YouTube really likes to see more interaction in the form of likes, comments and higher retention on the video. So, adding a simple annotation to ‘like’ or encouraging people to share on their social network can be incredibly helpful.

3. Video length - keep them watching!

Video watch time is a key ranking factor for videos. The percentage of your video watched is more important than the number of minutes, but, it’s obviously great to improve the score of both.

With our decreasing attention spans, getting more people to stick around on your videos is a huge challenge. A user spends an average of 20 seconds on a website. Therefore you need a great hook to keep them watching. It’s important to grab the attention of your viewers within the first 10 seconds

4. Think Basic marketing and SEO for YouTube too!

The fundamental marketing principles remain the same for YouTube as they would for any platform.

Make sure you are actively promoting your videos. This is especially important when you are starting out. Get the ball rolling with your email subscribers – they will increase your email marketing engagement metrics as well.

You can also consider writing a blog post and embedding a great video inside.

More links from authoritative websites send good signals to YouTube. These citations signal to YouTube that the video is entertaining and they push it up in their results.

Conduct some relevant keyword research and optimization – This can be a starting point of your video marketing and content creation. The easiest way to find the “video keywords” that might ensure a spot in Google is by searching for them.

After conducting keyword research, it’s also important to keep SEO in mind while you upload it. First, the filename of your video must include your target phrase. You can also add extra details, using features like comments in your operating system. Ensure that you write a 250-word description, keeping SEO copywriting in mind.

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