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How To Become Epic On TikTok

Over time, videos have proven easier to get audiences’ engagement and attention than to just write posts. This is exactly why TikTok is one of the fastest-rising social media platforms there is right now.

Posting any old video, however, is not guaranteed to get you good engagement. You need to be making the right video and so this article will enlighten you on how to do exactly that.

Firstly, the most effective way to begin getting TikTok video engagements is by doing a few simple things, such as:

  • Update the hashtags you use for your video.

  • Watch out for your posting time.

  • Find trends and post on trends.

  • Create videos with good lighting and enticing background.

  • Add calls to action at the end of your videos.

Now onto some awesome video ideas that will really boost your engagements on TikTok.

Give Short Tutorials

You can create short tutorials on doing certain things people find difficult. For example, you can make a short tutorial video on inserting names faster into your excel sheet. And so many other things like that.

Trying Out Videos

When big accounts put out videos, try to imitate them and tag them on your post. This works especially well for dance or cooking videos. Trying something everyone is anxious to see from someone else will massively boost your engagement.

Make a Hack Video

People are always looking for a new life hack! So, think of one yourself and post a video about it, or even better tag on to a viral hack video and see if it really works by posting about it! Just watch your engagement ramp up! Be sure to include the hack in the first 3 seconds of your video before you begin to try it. You can also tag the original content owner to the post and see if they share it.

Partner With An Influencer

Why not tap into the audience of an influencer within your specific industry? This is a really easy way to increase your engagement. The most common TikTok partnership videos that go viral are dance videos and sing-alongs.

Lip-syncing Videos

Something that is massive on the platform and doesn't look like its popularity will wain anytime soon is lip-syncing videos. You can decide to do something alongside the lip-sync to make it more interesting or you can be lip-syncing a viral sound trend in a funny way. Both are great ways to make this kind of content soar.

Join A TikTok Challenge

When you join trending challenges, people see your videos easily on their “for you pages.” You can enter these challenges with posts that seem like you’re challenging another content creator which will instantly draw more attention to you and your account.

Host A TikTok Live Stream

Another awesome TikTok idea that can really boost your engagement is live streams. Simply choose a topic you know people will relate to and be interested in, and then start to film yourself! To keep people glued, you can include a giveaway and state that you will do it at the end of the Livestream.

Create Educational Content

One brilliant idea for this is to create a “do you know” video. Here, you can tell people things they didn’t already know. This can be whacky or informative as you think your audience would respond to.

Use Trending Sounds

Adding trending sounds to your videos will make them attract more engagement. Moreover, people watch everything under that sound when searching for certain trending sounds.

Support a Movement

Something you feel particularly passionate about? Then make a video about it. This could be LGBTQ+ for example? Or perhaps the war in Ukraine. This is a win-win as you are posting with integrity but also gaining followers and views at the same time.

Put all these TikTok video ideas into use, and each of your TikTok accounts will grow numbers!

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