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Expert Ways to Increase Your Twitter Engagement Right Now!

With a whopping 330 million monthly active users and an average of 500 million tweets posted daily, it is safe to say that Twitter is still one of the giants among the big league Social Media players.

However, it is also true to say that most marketers find it hard to increase their Twitter engagement and increase the level of Twitter automation.

To explain it in the simplest way Twitter engagement means the number of times a user has interacted with your tweet by either:

Liking your tweet

Retweeting your tweet

Mentioning you or your brand in their own tweet

Replying to your tweet

Clicking a link within your tweet

These all count under Twitter engagement and defines your overall engagement rate over Twitter, which is the number of engagements divided by overall impressions on your particular tweet.

You can measure Twitter engagement using “Twitter Analytics”. Twitter analytics is a key component in determining the overall performance of your content. Twitter has completely revamped its analytics tool and now it shows you everything associated with the content that you have tweeted. This could better help you understand the overall performance of an individual tweet and filter the ones that have performed from those that didn’t.

Now you have an understanding of how Twitter engagement works and how it can be analysed, it's time to talk about how to increase your engagement rates using some simple but proven methods.


A good way to increase your Twitter engagement is to actually engage in tweets and conversations from other users. It gives a sense of consideration and encourages others to start a conversation that can help build a relationship between a brand and its followers. Retweeting a tweet or commenting on tweets from others can help your brand get noticed and get good engagement as users would now pay more attention to the content that you post.

Get Creative

Your tweets must stand out from a very crowded feed or it’s highly unlikely that it would get noticed. It’s a known fact that a visual tweet gains more attention than an ordinary text-based tweet. So, you should now consider including a visual element such as a picture or gif if your objective is to get high engagement. A good plan is to incorporate a meme into your tweets as this is guaranteed to get noticed and gain higher engagement levels.

Use Hashtags

Using hashtags will not only see new users finding your content, but it could also encourage others to engage with your tweet. Statistics show that Tweets with just one hashtag are 69% more likely to be retweeted than tweets with more hashtags.

Use Polls

Polls allow you to ask questions that can revolve around any opic or industry you like. You can then get users to engage with your content since they can vote with just a click and it’s quite easy.

Perfect Posting Time

It’s very crucial to find the perfect posting time on Twitter, similar to all the other social giants too. You need to identify when your audience is most likely to be active. Although Twitter doesn’t give analytical data on this, testing posting times could help you get the most impressions and engagement on your tweets.

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