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Boost your personal brand online with these awesome content ideas

Updated: Jun 4, 2022

A personal brand is basically your professional reputation online. Therefore, it makes sense to focus your time on building your personal brand on LinkedIn. In this article, we show you our list of awesome content ideas to post on LinkedIn that will really boost your personal brand online

Written Text

LinkedIn’s most popular type of post is written text. People are looking towards thought-leadership information from the people they follow. Writing your thoughts, opinions, and stories around your profession or industry is a great way to define your space of authority. Be sure to start every post with a compelling first sentence headline to grab the reader's attention, forcing them to want to continue reading the rest of the post. Be sure not to waffle and break up the text by adding a space every 2-3 lines. Image of Your Personal Brand

Selecting the right type of image to represent your story or personality is key to making a difference with your audience to spark engagement around it. For example, images can help provide some background or context for a post you are sharing or can help showcase your personality with a humorous GIF or image. Follow these steps to ensure you are following best practices: - Best image size for LinkedIn Posts: 1200 X 627 px - Avoid stock images for personal accounts. Your pictures should represent you, your environment, and real-life moments. Polls

This one is great for interaction. Poll-style posts are a fun way for you to learn more about your audience. A great source for future content ideas or a way to get your audience's opinion around a product or service you plan to launch. Ensure that your poll question is super compelling so that it would be crazy for people not to contribute. Give at least three options to select and ask them to comment on the post if they have a better option that isn’t offered on the poll. Video

A video post with you sharing a message or story can quickly establish a good rapport with your audience. Remember, no fancy equipment is needed- use your smartphone to film your video. Be sure to hold your phone vertically at arm’s length distance and slightly higher than your face. For the best lighting, stand in front of a window. Have fun! LinkedIn Stories

LinkedIn, just like Instagram and Facebook, has their version of capturing micro-video snippets or image/text posts that will only appear on the app for 24 hours. LinkedIn Stories is located at the very top of the app with the faces of the people you follow. Making use of this feature is a great way for your audience to get to know you, what you do. Just be mindful of how much to share and select images and videos to build a personal brand that you will be comfortable with. You can publish posts that are up to 20 seconds per video. You can also add stickers to your image. Expertise and Insights Writing an article on LinkedIn will give your audience a taste of your style of writing and an opportunity to learn more about a subject matter that you can write in-depth on. Here are some things to consider when writing your first blog post for LinkedIn: - 400-600 words per article - A captivating headline to grab a reader’s attention to read the entire article. - Add a banner image (600 x 322 px) - Format the article with bullet points and short paragraphs.

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