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Boost Your LinkedIn Engagement With These Content Ideas

Often seen as “the most trusted social network” and with over 750 million users, LinkedIn contains your target audience – you just need to reach them.

In this article, we discuss the top LinkedIn post ideas that you can start using to raise your profile and reach those people.

Start With A Humble Brag

You would think nothing of sharing your top personal life moments and achievements on Facebook or Instagram, so make sure you are also doing the same with your professional achievements on LinkedIn. There’s nothing wrong with blowing your own trumpet and bragging a little. Without a humble brag, LinkedIn would be a very different place, containing just a list of online courses and interview tips. So, start shouting about you and your brand!

Post A Video

As with other well-known social media platforms, videos work well on LinkedIn. Using videos can promote yourself in a very insightful way. Think about the last video you watched or photo you saw – what did it make you feel? Post it!

Post A Blog Or An Article.

LinkedIn literally asks you to write an article. So why not oblige? Posting original long-form content on LinkedIn is a tried and tested way to expose your brand to a bigger, active audience. Think of it as having an interesting conversation and contributing to your community.

Share Industry Tips or Trends

By sharing industry trends, it shows you are familiar with surrounding topics that could be helpful to your potential clients. Consistently sharing industry news and trends reminds your audience to come back for more in the long run.

Make A Prediction

Making a prediction is a really great conversation starter. Remembering you don’t have to be right or wrong if there’s something you have an opinion out, share it with your prediction on the topic. This will make you seem like an industry leader – not a follower.

In summary, we hope that next time you’re going to post on LinkedIn but you are struggling with ideas, consider these 5 types of content ideas!

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