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Attention Brands - A Guide On How To Use The Instagram Collab Feature

Social media marketing is all about collaborations and partnerships. Great partnerships lead to great things like new followers, more engagement, improved Reach, and many other great opportunities.

You’ve probably noticed that the trend on social media has been to work with influencers and partners to create collaborative content that benefits both parties involved.

In mid-2021, a new Instagram feature started appearing for many content creators. This was the Instagram Collab feature. It tested two users sharing the same content in their own Feeds or Reels.

Later in 2021, this feature rolled out to the general public.

Here is our guide to Instagram Collabs, including how and why to use this awesome feature.

What exactly is Instagram Collabs?

The Instagram collabs feature is designed to help users collaborate with each other on content creation. It allows two or more accounts to co-author a feed post or Reel, making it easier for creators to cross-promote each other's content and reach a wider audience. With collabs, users can invite another account to collaborate on a post, and both accounts will be listed as contributors. This feature aims to foster partnerships and amplify creators' reach by providing an opportunity for collaborative content creation on the platform.

Why use Instagram Collabs?

Using Instagram collaborations as a brand can be a great way to connect with influencers and reach a wider audience. Here are some steps to effectively use Instagram collabs:

Identify your goals: Determine what you want to achieve through collaborations. This may include increasing brand awareness, driving sales, reaching a specific target audience, or engaging with new followers.

Define your target audience: Identify the demographics and interests of your ideal customers. This will help you find influencers who are more likely to resonate with your audience.

Research relevant influencers: Look for influencers in your industry who have a significant following and engagement on Instagram. Pay attention to their content style, audience demographics, and engagement rates to ensure a good fit.

Establish contact: Reach out to the influencers via direct messaging, email, or by tagging them in your posts. Introduce your brand, explain why you think a collaboration would be beneficial, and propose a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Determine collaboration options: There are various collaboration options to consider, such as sponsored posts, product giveaways, Instagram takeovers, brand ambassadorships, or affiliate marketing. Choose the option that aligns with your goals and budget.

Set clear expectations: Clearly communicate the deliverables, timeline, compensation (if applicable), and any brand guidelines to the influencer. Ensure that both parties have a shared understanding of the collaboration.

Track performance and measure results: Monitor the performance of the collaboration campaign by using Instagram Insights or third-party analytics tools. Assess the engagement, reach, and conversions generated. This evaluation will help you refine your approach for future collaborations.

Maintain relationships: Building long-term relationships with influencers can be valuable. Engage with their content, share it, and provide feedback. This will help foster a positive relationship and potentially lead to future collaborations.

Remember, it's important to choose influencers whose values align with your brand and who have an engaged and authentic following. Authenticity and transparency play a crucial role in the success of any collaboration.

How to use Instagram Collabs

Start by opening the Instagram app. Duh.

Create and begin the process of uploading the new post to your Feed or Insta Reels.

Before you post your content, it’s time to add your co-collaborator to the post. Tap tag people option and choose the ‘Invite collaborator” option to get started.

Search for the username you need and select it to add them as a collaborator. Click Done.

Post your content.

The Collab tag shows up in the header of your post.

Things to remember:

Collab posts must be initiated from a public account.

Your collaborator must also accept the request for the content to show on their profile grid.

The original author of the post is the post’s primary author. If the original author blocks the collaborator or the collaborator blocks the original author, the collaboration will end.

To accept a Collab request:

Tap on the notification on your Activity page or check your DMs to view the Collab request.

Tap ‘Review’ and then ‘Accept’, and you’re done.

The post header will now show your account as the co-author of the content. It will appear on your profile grid and within your followers’ feeds.

To sum up our guide, we hope you now have more of an understanding of this yet-underused Instagram collaboration feature. It really is a helpful tool for brand and creator Instagram accounts looking to take their social media partnerships to the next level. Remember, the right Collabs will allow you to get more exposure and engagement for your content. Goal achieved, right?

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