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All About LinkedIn Influencers, And Yes, That’s A Thing!

In the world of influencing, LinkedIn might not be the first platform that springs to mind. However, we are here to debunk the myth that Influencers only dwell only on the likes of Insta or TikTok. There’s certainly a new stakeholder in the social media influencer world - Yes, the clue is in the title - The LinkedIn Influencer!

Out of all the social networks, LinkedIn is the one known with an audience that is reliably made up of professionals and decision-makers. So, if you want to engage with other businesses and drive awareness and generate sales, using LinkedIn influencers could be the secret tool your marketing strategy needs!

Professional influencers on LinkedIn present authenticity for the brands they represent, which can lead to impactful conversions. For that reason, influencer marketing on LinkedIn is a tool best suited for B2B brands. Successful LinkedIn influencers who are trusted in their industry and are probably considered “thought leaders” by their social followers. These people have a large audience that is comfortable engaging with the influencer’s frequent updates on LinkedIn. They rarely stray from posting about topics outside of their industry and share content that is both timely and uplifting.

Most successful LinkedIn influencers will hold roles such as CEO/company founders, CFOs, Authors, or Bloggers and some of the most common industries they are involved with are Finance, Business Analysis, Marketing, and Psychology.

At a time when authenticity is so important for social media marketing efforts to be successful, enlisting the help of a LinkedIn influencer could be just what your brand needs. If you are a brand reading this article wondering if you should invest in partnering with a LinkedIn influencer, you would definitely have the potential to increase awareness and conversions by incorporating influencer campaigns into your marketing strategies on LinkedIn.

There are LinkedIn influencers of all different sizes, which means influencer marketing is attainable for large and small businesses. Identifying the thought leaders in your industry who fly a bit more under the radar could be a great avenue. That way, you’ll connect with someone more willing to collaborate and more likely than bigger influencers to put extra effort into their promotions.

There are specific things you should look out for when deciding upon the right LinkedIn influencer for your brand. These include a high engagement rate, with the influencer not only receiving comments and likes for their content but also seeing that they reply to these comments. You also want to check they have high-quality content.

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