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5 Current TikTok Trends That Will Help Your Posts Go Viral!

It’s always hard to stand out with great content that truly connects with your target audience on any platform. However, with 1 billion active users on TikTok, you really do need to be aware of the top trends to help you create potentially viral videos. So, if you’re stuck for ideas and pressed for research time, we’ve got you covered with this article. Here are the top trends to help you create potentially viral videos.

It’s Corn! Trend

To execute this popular trend you (or your brand) need to pair what’s becoming known as the “It’s Corn” sound clip with something you love, using text to list the things you love about it.

Cool Kids Trend

Using a high-pitched version of the popular Echosmith tune, creators show off unusual (but interesting and aspirational) DIY hacks or nostalgic finds. This is extremely popular and works for any behind-the-scenes glimpse of your daily life, from recipes to tutorials and improvement videos. Just be sure to show that quirky, hipster vibe.

I Put A Spell On You Trend

With Halloween soon approaching, this TikTok popular trend is back! It involves showcasing your Halloween DIYs or tricks (and treats) in preparation for Halloween to the sound clip of Working with Lemons’ “I Put A Spell On You.”

J’s Lullaby Trend

This awesome trend usually focuses on a love story, such as a wedding. It involves creator storytelling using the whispery lullaby paired with a gentle acoustic guitar that will warm your viewers’ hearts. This is such a good way to show your brand's emotional side. You can easily think outside the box too and make it relevant to your brand. Remember, it diesnt has to be romantic, and can be something like a particularly moving customer testimonial. Or maybe use this trend to highlight a story where you crafted a lovely surprise gift to thank your brand’s biggest fans or loyal customers.

Long Weekend Trend

This one should pair well with food and family-oriented brands. Yes, Labor Day Weekend has come and gone in the U.S. But we included this trend as it can easily be revived when everyone is enjoying a long weekend. Simply record and sync your weekend activities to the lyrics of the song “Something Like That.” Many TikTokers saw it fit to pump their cars with gasoline and show off their location-specific family traditions.

So, we hope you have fun using these trends to create some awesome potentially viral videos. Find inspiration from the others who’ve uploaded under these themes and develop a creative short video that captures your identity. Good luck!

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