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10 Instagram Content Ideas For When You Have Run Out Of Inspo

It happens to us all, both beginners and Instagram experts. Sometimes you just run out of inspiration and end up scratching your head for what more you can post. Well, if that sounds like you right now, then read on for a list of 10 awesome ideas that will get your creative juices flowing once again.

1. Introduction post

If you have not already done so, a good introduction post is always a winner. Start with interesting facts about your brand or life. You can also use this to tell people about your profiles on other social networks if you have any. Maybe, your followers use Twitter or Facebook more often but haven't signed up with you yet.

2. Inspiration post

Having introduced yourself, now how about you tell the audience about those who inspire you, or whose content you find useful. Repost and explain what exactly you like in their profiles, and how you found them. This can generate so many post-content opportunities!

3. Storytelling post

Stories to post happen even in the dullest businesses. Remember, others will find your everyday more interesting than you think. Whatever news about your day you have, share it with your audience! If your story is long, remember to either condense it or share it over several posts.

4. Tutorial and advice post

Who doesn't love to hear an expert piece of advice or a game-changing hack? Be sure to add a detailed description in the caption. You can create a video to explain complicated things but remember about the time limits.

5. Challenge post

Don't miss the opportunity to create or participate in a challenge. This can create Instagram post ideas in abundance.

6. Trend post

This is where you can post about current events and newsbreaks. Whatever is most relevant to you and your field, join the conversation! This could be a specific holiday or sports event, or even the release of a new smartphone! Be sure to make sure it is something that your followers will want to hear about.

7. Mindfulness post

Take a break from the everyday sales-type posts and give your audience some zen. Maybe you can post a beautiful picture to let your Instagram followers just take a breath while scrolling the feed.

8. Q&A posts

Answer users' questions from comments, Direct messages, or messages from other social networks. A picture with a question in it can be used instead of a photo. Write your answer in the caption or on the next slides of the carousel.

9. Show and Tell posts

Use this content idea to tell Instagram users more about your products. You can post pictures with a description or a video is always a winner. Describe the product's features that few people know about. Plus, get a sales boost by posting an instruction on how to purchase your product.

10. Contest post

Insta is always a good place to host a contest. Simply think of a prize and watch the engagement rocket!

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