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Help een gemeenschap waar uw succes centraal staat

GroupSocial is gratis en daarom rekenen we op onze leden om onze gemeenschap te helpen uitbreiden. Als je even de tijd kunt nemen om over ons te delen op je sociale media, willen we graag onze dankbaarheid uiten met een Starbucks- of Amazon-cadeaubon ter waarde van maximaal $ 15 (£ 15)! Het is een win-winsituatie – of zoals ze zeggen: neem je taart en eet hem ook op!

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By supporting us early, you not only play a crucial role in our journey but also gain exclusive benefits that last a lifetime. We are creating the ultimate platform, the LinkedIn for the creator economy. Your early support helps us to build and grow, ensuring that we can continue to innovate and provide exceptional value. In return, you'll receive unique rewards and privileges that are reserved only for our early backers.

We're thrilled to announce that we are coming out of Beta in January! With thousands of members and hundreds more signing up every day, our community is growing rapidly. To accelerate our growth and maintain our platform's integrity, we invite you to become a Founder Member.

Sneak peak of what's currently under development.

Limited to 4,000 Memberships




For a one-time payment of just $100, you can receive a lifetime membership with these exclusive perks:

F badge_edited.png

Founder Member

Showcase your status as a founder member with an exclusive badge on your profile.


Lifetime Certified Membership
Avoid future subscription fees. More information below.

Boosted Compatibility 
Enjoy a 2-5% increase in compatibility, leading to more connections and collaborations.

Access to Gigs
Gain exclusive access to our Gigs service, more information below.

More about Certified Membership

Avoid future subscription fees. Starting January 2025, certified membership will cost $19.99 per month, but as a founder member, you’ll never have to pay this.

More about the Gigs Marketplace

As a Founder Member, you gain access to our Gigs service, which includes product giveaways, events, service giveaways, paid collaborations, and more! Brands set criteria for creator eligibility, ensuring opportunities align with your audience. You'll receive instant notifications when a Gig matches your profile.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to empower the creator economy. Your small investment will help us achieve this goal and grant you a unique status on our platform for life. By becoming a Founder Member, you are not just supporting our vision but also cementing your place in the future of the creator community.

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Make sure to enter the email address associated with your GroupSocial account when making payment via the button below. Your founder status will then be reflected in your GroupSocial account within 24 hours.

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